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Lofted Barn Cabin

This building has 6'5" inch walls and a gambrel style roof. It comes with (3) 2x3 windows and one 9-lite door (six foot tall door). It has a loft for storage on each end. A four foot porch is standard, but six foot or longer is also available. This makes a great cabin for a weekend get-away.  Also available as a Side Lofted Barn Cabin or Wraparound Lofted Cabin in sizes up to 16 x 50 in painted, urethane or T1-11 siding.

Backyard Portable Buidings
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Carriage House

Price includes (2) 2 x 3 windows, shutters, 6' double doors w/transom windows and (3) paint colors.

A deluxe version is available.

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Our value shed series was created to provide you with an affordable alternative solution for your storage needs.


Our value sheds are constructed of 2 x4 framing work, treated  4 x 6 skids and treated floor joists.  Covered with 3/4" engineered flooring with a fifty (50) year warranty on by the manufacturer (Pinnacle or Advantech). The buildings are constructed of 29 gauge metal. 


These buildings are useful and convenient for housing lawn equipment, tools, or simply personal belongings.

BackYard Portable Buildings' superior quality is precisely what separates them from other companies.

Whether you want a storage building, garage, cabin, chicken building or loafing shed,

let us know what you need and we’ll help you out.

8' to 16' wide and up to 50' long.

Payment Options:

  • Purchase: cash, check, or credit card - 1/2 down and 1/2 at delivery 

  • Rent To Own - No Credit Check, Everyone is Approved! The option of 36, 48, or 60 months!

Stop by our lot in Cameron to look at our extensive inventory.  Free set-up and delivery of lot models within 50 miles.


Lofted Barn

This building has 6'5" walls, with a gambrel style roof. There is lofted space in both the front and the back of the building, offering you optimum storage space per square foot. This is a very popular building.

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Side Lofted Barn

This building has 6'6" walls and a gambrel style roof. It comes with (2) 2x3 windows and a double door (six foot wide door).

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The utility building has 8' walls with a gable style roof. The Lofted Utility is recessed from the top of the wall, giving you six foot three inches of head room below the loft and still providing plenty of loft space


 8' wide buildings come with a four foot wide door.  10, 12, 14 & 16' wide buildings come with a six foot wide double door.