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What's the Difference Between a Site Built and a Modular Home?

Both types of homes have terrific benefits and features but one beats the other hands down when you look at them in direct comparison. Below are some things to consider when evaluating both types of construction.

Curb Appeal: Modular: It is assumed that a modular home’s exterior is identifiable due to less curb appeal than site built homes. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Achieving the curb appeal and roof lines that you desire is very accomplishable due toComputer Assisted Design. You can achieve various roof lines, dormers and window configurations that add architectural style to your home. After your home is completed it is almost impossible to discern the difference between a Rochester modular and a onsite built home.

Site Built: A traditional site built home appearance can be customized to the homeowner’s preference but can be somewhat painstaking. Exterior additions can frequently involve architects that can consume valuable time and money.

Design: Modular: Homes built via the modular method can be vastly customized to the last detail. Quality modular builders such as Rochester Homes offer floor plan collections with numerous different homes and styles as well as they can use plans that you provide as a starting place.

No need for costly architects, most company’s can provide in-house engineering services. In most all circumstances they are able to help you achieve the style and design that you desire. In addition literally hundreds of options are available from which to choose. Planning is important so do your homework and you can have the amenities on your “must have” list. Site Built: Most site builders work from sample plans of homes that they offer or have built in the past. They may offer internal drafting services and may also work with an architect. In most cases customization is standard but can come with a premium cost.

Timeline: Modular: Depending on the complexity of your home, time savings is probably one of the biggest advantages to building a modular home. Most all producers of modular homes work on a schedule. You will be given an approximant time in which your home will go into production as well as when it is expected for the production process will be completed. Also your builder will give you a scheduled for time of delivery and the setting for your home. These times can vary according to builder.

The good news is that your builder is able to complete vital site preparations such as excavation and foundation work on your jobsite while your home is being built. The timeframe of building completing your home after it arrives at the jobsite and is set on the foundation typically ranges between 30 and 120 days. Also weather conditions factors in minimally due to the fact that the majority of your home is being completed in a climate controlled facility. Site Built: The normal timeframe for site building ranges from 6 months up to a year or more. This is partly due to a site builder’s use and scheduling of sub-contractors. As well as many times work is slowed due to weather conditions.

The Building Process: Modular: Building via Building Systems is organized, efficient and detailed. Due to the fact that the homes are constructed inside by highly trained professionals, much time is saved as well as waste and costly errors are practically eliminated. Homes are built to all applicable local, state and national codes and are consistently inspected for quality. Site Built: Site built homes are constructed from the ground up from building materials delivered to the job site by subcontracted trades of all varieties and skill levels that do not work directly for the builder. Materials are piled on site exposed to the elements.

Price Comparison: Modular: You will determine your budget and your builder the final cost. That cost of the home structure itself will be a fixed cost, in which you will receive upfront. Generally modular homes are very competitive and frequently may be less expensive than site built homes. This is due to labor costs and efficiencies in building and volume purchasing. Due to fact that construction time is drastically reduced, your interest payments on your construction loan will be over a shorter time period – thus saving you money


Site Built: Site Builders tend to work on a cost plus basis where your home price can rapidly escalate resulting in you paying much more per square foot.

Appraisal and Resale Value: Modular: There is absolutely no difference in appraisals and the final resale value of a quality built modular home versus a site built home. Modular homes retain their value well and at the same rate as all homes built on site.

Site Built: Site built homes are seen as the baseline when doing comparisons by realtors.