From a legacy that spans back to 1972, Rochester Homes has built quality Modular Homes.  Rochester Homes, a family-owned company,  embodies the Midwestern virtues of valuing people, hard work, and treating others the way you would like to be treated.

COVID 19 is posing many challenges with building a home. The base price for a 1000 sf modular starts at $113,000 not including any site work or options.  The build worksheet, found below,  lists the site work for a typical home build. Prices are not included as a contractor will need to provide a quote based on your build and location. Due to demand and supply chain issues, the current build time at Rochester is around 18 weeks after placing an order.  Due to skyrocketing lumber prices, home quotes are valid for 5 days. Hopefully, the spring of 2021 will bring some relief for these challenges.

Please note the standards located on the back of the front cover of the ranch floor plan brochure.  

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Rochester Builds Quality Homes

Energy Efficiency

Rochester Homes is committed to using energy efficient and sustainably resourced building methods and materials in the homes they build. These Modular homes contain numerous ENERGY STAR® labeled and rated building materials and consistently exceed air infiltration standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as verified by independent third-party home energy raters.

Floor Plans

Rochester Homes does have numerous ranch designs from which to choose from, however most homes will have some degree of customization. All plans are pre-approved by third party independent engineering agency in order to ensure structural integrity state building code compliance.



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