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5295 SE Hwy 36
Cameron, MO 64429
Phone: 816-632-1604
e-mail: sales@hqllc.com
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Dream it.  Build it.
Are you on a quest for a new home?
Finding the right home for you and your family does not need to be difficult
when you work with HomeQuest.  

Let us assist you in your search, by introducing you to our partnerships with modular home companies that build to rigorous
quality control standards and strict adherence to national, state and local IRC codes.  

We do not sell double-wides or mobile homes that are built to HUD standards where the metal carrier stays on the bottom
of the home for support.  Contact us, instead for site built homes under 1000 sf.

Modular or system built homes MUST BE PLACED ON A PERMANENT FOUNDATION - a 4' crawlspace or a basement on your land. We
can work with one of your contractors or we have several that we can recommend.  W
e can build the following site projects -  garage,
ch, decks, breeze way, or other special options that make the home uniquely yours.. These homes do not come with the HUD heating
and cooling systems which contain f
lexible duct work, instead we will work with a local contractor to get a HVAC system that is right
sized for your home.
Stop by the HomeQuest sales center to take a tour.  We are located on the north side of highway 36, two miles west of the I 35/36

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